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entry_list03/12 Three Part Species – Album release on May 1st

Of & about
Twitchy Hand Mover
Floating home
All you have
I'll be here, dreaming
Red film
Chocolate was a boy
Pitta pop
The wrong truth

Mick Karn's 7th solo album illustrates more than any other, how completely in command of musical composition he has become. A mixture of so many diverse types of music that, somehow never, even for a second, sound confused in direction. It's impossible with each piece to predict which genre will come next, as the listener is guided through Mick Karn's unique world. At times, there are elements of mowtown rhythms and gospel choirs, classical arrangements and rock guitars, passing through hip-hop and jazz fusion, ethnic traditions and pop songs. The fast tempo bass on 'Twitchy Hand Mover' leaves you wondering how it is possible to actually play such lines, as it totally dominates the track, but then again, so do the clarinets in 'Chocolate Was A Boy', and the acoustic instrumentation in 'Pitta Pop'.

The album includes the voice of new vocalist Bex Collins, who Mick chose after auditioning 'All You Have' through the Mick Karn website. It also has Mick singing on two songs, the title track from the single 'Of & About' and 'The Wrong Truth'. "I find both my vocal tracks to be quite moving love songs, but that's my own personal interpretation, they might not readily come across the same to anyone else." Mick commented, "I've always felt with music that the listener should draw their own conclusions from how it makes them feel at any given time. A happy song for some can often appear sad to others".

There are places that will leave you floating in surrealism, while others anchor you to the ground with solidly formed structures and melodies, and the only disappointment likely to be felt when listening to Three Part Species, is the wish at the end of each track, for more of the same. When asked to explain where some of his influences for writing came from, Mick only had one thing to say: "The life I'm living of course, where else?"

Posted: 7th March 2006

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